The AHI Tanker Truck is a vehicle that Stitch used to save Lilo from Captain Gantu in Lilo & Stitch.


The truck was first seen driving in front of Stitch, who was holding a frog. Putting the frog down and using his awesome strength, Stitch snags the truck's trailer, and the driver (who was happily jamming to whatever he was listening to seconds ago) gets jerked forward as the truck stops quickly. Stitch then drives the tanker into Volcano National Park, where it skids along the lava fields and launches into the air. It then lands in a molten lava spot and gets stuck. As the tanker sinks into the lava, Stitch climbs onto the trailer, and as Gantu approaches, Stitch opens the tank, letting out the flammable gas onto the lava. The heat from the lava causes the gas to explode, launching Stitch up to Gantu's ship.


  • A113 can be seen on the license plate of the tanker truck.

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