"Ace" is the second segment of the sixty-second episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series. It aired on May 19, 2006.


The leader of the Evil Genius Organization (EGO) believes that Jumba has turned good and wants to revoke his membership, but Lilo and Stitch convince him to visit Earth so that they can prove that Jumba is still worthy of membership. As they construct an elaborate facade to trick him, however, a failed non-evil experiment is activated. Gantu does not bother to catch this experiment.

Experiments mentioned


  • Moral: Anyone can be a hero.
  • Ace is one of the rare experiments that was not evil before he was found by Lilo and Stitch.
  • Intriguingly, Ace's number is the opposite of Stitch's, and while Stitch was originally pure evil, Ace was always pure good.
    • Ace is also the polar opposite of 627 and Leroy in that Ace has no evil uses, whereas 627 and Leroy have no good uses and cannot be rehabilitated. Notably, all three of them are shades of red as well.
  • According to Reuben, Jumba locked Ace in the basement when friends came around.
  • Reuben uses the card term "fish" as a pun to ridicule Gantu while they were playing go fish together. 
  • This is one of five episodes where Gantu appears but makes no effort to catch the titular experiment, the other four being "Finder", "Mrs. Hasagawa's Cats", "Woops", and "Snafu".
  • This episode is a clip show, which is an episode of a television series that consists mostly of excerpts from prior episodes. Several scenes of experiments behaving evilly are from clips of earlier episodes.
    • During the beginning of the clip show, Jumba showcases Richter; however, he is erroneously referred to as 501, a number taken by Yin who as well appears in this episode.
    • The longest clip used in this episode is from the battle between Slushy and Splodyhead as seen in the former experiment's episode (the showing of this particular clip is also ironic, considering that Jumba stated in that episode that he forgot to bring his camera).
  • In a conceptual storyboard by Sahin Ersöz, Jumba was supposed to be expelled from E.G.O. for saving Pleakley from a tidal wave staged by Lilo, Stitch, and some of the other experiments. The scene was eventually replaced with Jumba showcasing the experiments via the Internet, albeit for the sake of standards and practices.
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