B.R.B 9000

The Big Red Battleship 9000, or B.R.B. 9000, is a spacecraft seen in Leroy & Stitch that is used by the Galactic Federation.


After Lilo and Stitch had successfully captured all 625 of Jumba's genetic experiments and turned them from bad to good, the Grand Councilwoman makes Stitch the Captain of the Galactic Armada and commander of his new commissioned ship, the B.R.B. 9000. Stitch pilots the B.R.B. 9000 when he is given the assignment to recapture Dr. Hämsterviel, who had broken out of prison with Gantu's help. However, Stitch is later captured in a containment orb by Leroy, a new experiment that Jumba was forced to create after Hämsterviel paid him a visit. Leroy then takes over as Captain of the Galactic Armada, as well as the B.R.B. 9000.

In the end, however, Leroy, his clone army, and Hämsterviel are defeated and arrested. Stitch then resigns his job as captain, telling the Grand Councilwoman that he would rather stay on Earth with Lilo as part of her ʻohana.


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