The Birds of Paradise Hotel is a hotel seen in Lilo & Stitch, Stitch! The Movie, several episodes of Lilo & Stitch: The Series, and Leroy & Stitch.


In Stitch! The Movie, Experiment 221 (Sparky), after being activated by Lilo and Stitch, goes on a rampage by shorting out the power supplies inside and outside the hotel, until he is eventually captured in a glass vase by Stitch.

In the series episode "Clip", Lilo and Stitch capture Experiment 177 (Clip) in a hatbox by the outdoor sign in front of the hotel.

In "Melty", Nani starts her first day of work at her new job at the hotel. Meanwhile, Lilo and Stitch, while meddling with time travel, make several attempts to capture Experiment 228 (Melty) at the hotel. In one alternate timeline, the hotel is destroyed by Melty.

In "Drowsy", Gantu and Reuben, disguised as bellboys, attempt to kidnap Regis Philbin at the hotel by using Experiment 360 (Drowsy) on him, but are foiled by Lilo and Stitch.

In "Heckler", Experiment 322 (Heckler) is activated at the hotel, albeit off-screen. Heckler then impresses a crowd of tourists there by insulting the tour guide's hair and shirt.

In the crossover episode "Lax", the kids from Recess drop by for a visit and later spend some time at the hotel along with Stitch, after Stitch and most of the Recess Gang get zapped by Experiment 285's (Lax's) laziness-inducing ray.