Bojo (Muun in Japan) is a yokai who lives on the Japanese island of Izayoi. He is known for his power to draw anything and make it come to life using his paintbrush-like tail. He became friends and ohana with Stitch and Yuna.


Bojo is a yokai with the power to draw anything and make it come to life using his paintbrush-like tail. His artistic powers are greatly appreciated all throughout the Chitama forest where the yokai live, and several dozen of the spiritual creatures frequently arrive in groups to witness the spectacles he makes.


One night, several yokai arrived at a clearing where Bojo resided. Per request, he drew several hibiscus flowers which made them come to life. However, the yokai had asked for hibiscus flowers every time they asked to see him draw, and he was losing inspiration. After the flowers had faded away, Bojo gave up painting and threw his paintbrush away.

The brush landed on a beach where Stitch had wandered to, angry with Yuna for scolding him for drawing pictures of her all over the house when he had only been trying to cheer her up after another issue with Penny. Finding the brush, he used it to draw a gigantic angry-looking picture of himself in the sand, unaware of the brush's capabilities. The picture came to life and was angry having been drawn that way. The giant drawing went on a rampage and roared, Bojo hearing it and guessing that someone had used his paintbrush. After Kijimunaa saw the monster and the brush, he fetched the artistic yokai.

Seeing the drawing, he praised Stitch for his drawing and after seeing one of his pictures of Yuna smiling on Grandma's back, he got his painting ispiration back. He threw the brush to Stitch and told him to draw Yuna smiling again, only bigger. Stitch complied and afterwards, the giant Yuna made the giant Stitch happy. By sunset, both drawings faded away.



Bojo is a yokai that resembles a blue-skinned figure in an orange robe that covers almost his entire body. His eyes are two thin slits and he has no visible nose. He has an orange tail that functions as his paintbrush.


Bojo's tail can draw any object or person anywhere and the drawing will come to life afterwards. If it is an inanimate object, it may float if Bojo wishes it to, and living creatures created by it will act of their own will. Bojo can lengthen and manipulate his tail to draw whatever he wishes. The tail is also detachable, though it will retain its power.

Bojo needs inspiration to draw, and will stop if he feels his drawings are getting too repetitive. In addition, the drawings don't last forever, and will eventually fade into nothing, though the amount of time it takes for the drawing to disappear can vary from a few seconds to a few hours.