Christmas is a holiday that takes place on December 25 every year, and is celebrated around Europe, America, and Asia. Traditionally, gifts are given, and it represents the true spirit of Christmas giving.

Christmas appears multiple times in the Lilo & Stitch franchise.

Lilo & Stitch: The Series

During Stitch's first Christmas, he spots 025's pod being put in a gift box. 

Trying to find the pod, everyone thinks Stitch is just after the presents.

In the end, the pod is found and captured by Gantu, who ends up finding the true spirit of Christmas and gives it to a little girl, who puts it in a fountain.

The pod erupts and Topper emerges, who finds a place upon the tree.

Stitch! anime

The following takes place during the events of "Stitch and Santa".

During his first Christmas with YunaHämsterviel attempts to hypnotize all the kids with mind-controlling cookies made by Jumba to turn them into hamster-minions. Afterwards it seems like there won't be a Christmas.

Santa knocks on the window that night and lets Stitch do his rounds. 

The following takes place during the events of "We Wishy You a Washy Christmas".

Attempting to get Shortstuff to the island, Gantu misreads the pod and sends Wishy-Washy instead. 

Stitch tries to use Wishy-Washy to grant everyone's Christmas wishes, but all goes wrong when a monster emerges into Penny's party, and Wishy-Washy ran out of wishes.

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