The Cinema is a movie theater in Lilo & Stitch: The Series where Wasp Mummies and Wasp Mummies II are usually the movie feature presentations posted outside the marquee.

In "Nosy", Lilo and Stitch prepare to go inside unsupervised to see a new Wasp Mummies film. Unfortunately for them, Experiment 199 (Nosy) walks out of the cinema, disguised as a kid. He had already watched the new Wasp Mummies movie and reveals the secret ending aloud to Lilo and Stitch, thus spoiling it for them.

In "Babyfier", the movie Sludge Mummies II: Attack of the Bones is currently playing at the cinema. Lilo and Stitch later stop by while trying to locate Experiment 151 (Babyfier) and run into Mrs. Edmonds, along with her daughter Mertle and the hula girls. Mrs. Edmonds offers Lilo to come see Sludge Mummies with her and the others, despite Mertle's protests. However, Lilo points out that she and Stitch were trying to catch an experiment that needs to be rehabilitated. Just then, Nani shows up in her jeep and scolds Lilo and Stitch for sneaking off to see Sludge Mummies without her permission, even though Lilo attempts to tell Nani otherwise, to no avail.

In "Skip", this cinema appears ten years later, after Lilo and Stitch went forward in time using Experiment 089 (Skip). According to the new Wasp Mummies film that was currently playing, Lilo and Stitch assume that they must have missed several previous sequels that had been playing ten years ago.

This cinema is also seen in Leroy & Stitch when Lilo makes her rounds with Scrump to check on how the experiments are doing in their one true place.

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