Dr. Hämsterviel's Ship, also called USS Hämsterviel, is a mother ship owned by Hämsterviel.


It is first seen Stitch! The Movie during the film's opening.

Later, Lilo, Stitch and Experiment 221 (Sparky) stow away on the ship. When Stitch is captured and restrained by Hämsterviel, he prepares to clone the former. However, Sparky soon discovers Stitch about to enter a cloning process in which he would be cut in half, and frees his cousin, and the two then take revenge on Hämsterviel before Sparky destroys Hämsterviel's cloning machine.

When Lilo and Stitch later trap Gantu and Experiment 625 aboard Gantu's ship, Sparky disables the ship's navigation and ejects it from Hämsterviel's mother ship.

The three then use the mother ship to return to Earth with Hämsterviel in tow.


  • Dr. Hämsterviel's ship is very similar to the Federation starship from the Star Trek franchise.
  • The ship's design has the elements of a small rodent's cage: the engines look like water bottles, while the bridge resembles a hamster's wheel. This makes sense, as Hämsterviel looks like a gerbil/rabbit crossbreed.


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