The Golf Couse is a mini-golf course in Lilo & Stitch: The Series.

It is first seen in the episode "Sample", where Experiment 258 (Sample) gets activated. He then proceeds to record and sample the noises of a parrot and frog, scaring the golfers.

It is shown again in the episode "Shoe", where Experiment 113 (Shoe) gets activated, and the course ends up being his one true place to bring good luck to mini-golfers.

It appears again in the crossover episode "Lax", where Experiment 285 (Lax) zaps Stitch and he lazes about. He later heads to the golf course to try and score some holes along with most of the Recess Gang, who also get zapped by Lax.

It is shown once more in the episode "Link", where Experiment 251 (Link) targets two arguing golfers in an attempt to stick them together, only to get captured by Gantu.


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