The Luggage is seen in Leroy & Stitch.

Version 1

Luggage 1

luggage 1

First seen when Jumba was packing up to leave for his lab, this large blue-green crate is used for carrying large loads. It has two long grey hooks which raise about a meter in the air above the crate, these force large loads downward when the closing mechanism is activated.

Version 2

Luggage 2

luggage 2

The same as version 1 but much larger and of a more blue tone. First seen when Jumba and Pleakley were packing to leave in Leroy & Stitch (for Pleakley's brick collection).

Version 3

Luggage 3

luggage 3

First seen when Pleakley was packing up to leave for GACC, this small silver device is used for carrying small loads. It consists of a clam-shaped opening propped up on three legs and a central cylinder. Out of the top reaches a metal bar which is used to hang various objects. When closing, the legs fold up as the cylinder and bar retract into the clam-shaped division for easy transport.

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