The Mart is a department store seen in Lilo & Stitch: The Series. The style of the word "MART" on the store is similar to that of Walmart.

In "Swapper", Experiment 355 (Swapper) swaps Lilo and Stitch's minds. When Swapper refuses to switch Lilo and Stitch's minds back into their original bodies, Lilo in Stitch's body travels over to the Mart and attempts to buy a few party supplies there. However, Stitch with Lilo's mind gets thrown out by the manager due to the fact that Stitch's body looks like a dog, and no dogs are allowed in the store. Lilo in Stitch's body then tries to sneak back in the store by hiding under a moving shopping cart, but is quickly found out, chased around, and kicked out again. Stitch with Lilo's mind is then taken away by the dogcatcher, but Lilo manages to use Stitch's body to escape.

In "Ploot", Experiment 505 (Ploot) goes on a rampage after collecting enough trash and pollution to grow into a monstrous form. When Jumba discovers that air freshener spray shrinks the toxic sludge sample in his Petri dish, he and Pleakley head to the Mart to buy more air freshener, which would supposedly neutralize Ploot and shrink him back to his normal size. Jumba and Pleakley manage to find all sorts of air fresheners in the store. When Jumba and Pleakley head to the checkout counter, Jumba tells the salesclerk to hurry with the purchase, but the cashier is unable to find the bar code on the bottom of the aerosol cans.  

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