"Melty" is the twenty-second episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series. It aired on December 8, 2003.


While trying to catch a fire-breathing experiment, Lilo falls into a puddle of mud in front of Keoni. To erase her embarrassment, she tries to use Jumba's time-traveling invention. Each time she tries to change the past, it creates a progressively worse future. Finally, Lilo realizes that she must live events as they were meant to occur and repeats her embarrassing fall. However, Keoni later shows up to cheer her up.

Experiments mentioned


  • Moral: Don't dwell on the past; learn from your mistakes so you can do better in the future.
  • Melty greatly resembles Mushu from Mulan in appearance, color, and that they are both dragons. However, unlike Melty, Mushu lacks wings and cannot fly.
  • This episode marks Nani's first day working at the hotel, instead of her usual job at the Rental Hut.
  • Jumba is revealed to have a time-traveling surfboard.
  • The elderly golfer bears a great resemblance to Archimedes Q. Porter from Tarzan.
  • In the original timeline, Reuben let Gantu sleep and didn't bother to notify him of Melty's activation. However, in an alternate timeline, when Gantu was awoken by a loud thud, Reuben informed him about Melty. In the final timeline, when Gantu woke up on his own, Reuben instead revealed that he lasered Gantu's patookie.

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