Prison Capsule

The Prison Capsule, first seen in Lilo & Stitch, is a well-known object from Lilo & Stitch: The Series. This pill-shaped glass chamber is meant for containing the strongest of fugitives. Its rounded shape, slick surface, and extremely hard glass surface make it extremely difficult to break. Regardless, Stitch and several other experiments have been able to easily escape or break these capsules on multiple occasions.


  • In "Topper", Jumba designed these prison capsules to be soundproof, as Stitch's screams could not be heard through the container when he was captured for his dysfunctional behavior.
    • Ironically, in "Snafu", although the captive Fibber did not buzz when Reuben denied being ticklish, the captive Angel can be heard through her container when she sings her siren song backwards for Reuben. Also, when Angel later talks to a captive Stitch, he too can be heard through his container when he confesses his love for Angel.