Stitch and Ai

Stitch & Ai (安玲与史迪奇 "An Ling and Stitch") is a television series spin-off of Lilo & Stitch produced for Chinese audiences that premiered on March 27, 2017 on CCTV-1 and CCTV-14. It is the Lilo & Stitch franchise's third TV series, after the Western-animated Lilo & Stitch: The Series and the anime Stitch!.

Similar in premise to the anime series Stitch!, the series sees Stitch separated from Lilo after being captured by a gang of space pirates who had hoped to replicate Jumba's research. When Stitch escapes, he ends up re-entering Earth's atmosphere over China and ends up landing in the Huangshan Mountains where he befriends a young girl named Wang Ai Ling and becomes part of her family.

While the series was produced in English before being dubbed in Mandarin for Chinese broadcast, as the show was produced with the assistance of American animators, plans for any potential U.S. or other international release are currently unknown.



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