Disney's Stitch Jam 2, known in Japan as Motto! Stitch! DS: Rhythm de Rakugaki Daisakusen ♪ (もっと!スティッチ!DS リズムでラクガキ大作戦♪?), is a rhythm video game and the sequel to Disney's Stitch Jam. It was released for Nintendo DS in Japan on November 18, 2010. Unlike the first game, it was never released in North America or Europe.

This game features the same gameplay as its prequel and has more new features, characters, and experiments. This game runs on a modified version of its prequel's engine. Players can enjoy the rhythmic action of Stitch, who has a magic microphone that can draw his drawings on the air for decorations and traveling (which resembles and is a parody of Doraemon's secret tool, "Air Crayon"). Players can also dress up characters like Stitch and Angel.

Experiments mentioned