In the first episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series, Jumba restores Nani's old red dune buggy and converts it into an advanced means of transportation for capturing experiments. Afterwards, it is dubbed the X-Buggy.



  1. Container Holder: A hatch located at the back of the buggy which is capable of holding experiment containers in place for easy transport.
  2. Turbo: A large hidden thruster allowing for the buggy to exceed its standard speed limit.
  3. Drill: Only seen when attempting to capture Richter, the buggy is transformed into a giant drill to gain easy access to the tunnel where Richter hid.
  4. Flight Mode: Seen in multiple episodes, the buggy is able to hide its wheels, expose hidden wings, and use its turbo to become an aircraft.
  5. Amphibious Mode: Seen in the episode "Splodyhead", the buggy is capable of retracting its tires and speeding through the water with a hidden motor in the trunk. Upon returning to a land source, the tires are revealed once more to continue any expeditions on other islands.


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