579 - Zirconia

Zirconia, A.K.A. Experiment 597, is an illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba Jookiba. She is designed to compress mineral matter into high-quality gemstones. Stitch inadvertently gives her a shiny object and 579, thinking it's a gift, happily stops fighting. Her one true place is making inexpensive jewelry at a craft fair.


Experiment 597 was the 597th genetic experiment created by Jumba with Hämsterviel's funding. She was designed to compress mineral matter into high-quality gemstones

597 and the other first 624 experiments were deactivated and smuggled to Earth by Jumba during his mission to capture Experiment 626.

All of the experiment pods were released and scattered across the island of Kauai

At some point she was activated, tamed, and named Zirconia.

When 597's pod was activated, it was found covered with dirt, was mistaken for a bead by a tourist and was washed off to see if it was shiny.

She's activated at a craft fair and causes chaos by using her gem-making powers to get people to fight over them. Gantu and Reuben try to capture her so Gantu can quit his job and sell her gemstones, and Reuben just wants sandwich money.

She and Stitch have an exciting battle after she avoids capture by using her crystal "crown" to break out of the glass experiment pod, but her defeat is entirely non-violent. While Stitch is looking for things to throw at her in response to her crystal darts, he accidentally gives her a shiny piece of metal trash, which she thinks is a present. Lilo figures that since Zirconia was so used to giving away shiny things and never received anything shiny in return, she was so happy to finally be given a shiny present by Stitch that she didn't want to fight him anymore.

Re-purposed, Zirconia helps Lilo and Stitch make beaded friendship bracelets to sell at the craft fair. Gantu and Reuben learn that Zirconia's fake jewels are worthless the hard way, after they collect seven pounds of them from all over the island and find out the only sell for 1/5th of a cent per carat.

Leroy & Stitch

The first 624 experiments, including Ziroconia, were round up by Leroy and taken to a stadium to be destroyed. However, Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, Pleakley, Reuben and Gantu arrived before the experiments could be destroyed.

It is unknown whether or not Ziroconia participated in the following battle between the experiments and the Leroy clones.

The Leroys soon gained the upper hand in the battle, but were defeated when Lilo, Stitch, Reuben and several other experiments performed the song Aloha Oe, which caused the Leroy army to shut down due to the original Leroy's failsafe.



Zirconia is a blue raccoon/Yaarp-like experiment with a crystal tiara on her head, a Bonnie-like head, a long, striped raccoon-like tail, dangling dog-like ears and a beaded necklace on her neck.

Special Abilities

Zirconia is made to take advantage of common greed. She creates gemstones out of pebbles and sediment by squeezing them in her hands and creating crystal structures out of the elements in it. She then spreads the jewels throughout crowds and between partners, causing them to mob and fight each other as they struggle to grab up as many as possible. Since the gemstones themselves are "man made" and become abundant, they are actually worthless.

Zirconia creates dart-shaped crystals to use as weapons, can use crystals to cut glass.




  • Zirconia's pod color is purple.
  • Zirconia is described by the experiment computer screen that says "Experiment 597 Primary function: Compressing sediment and mineral matter into high-quality gemstones".

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